May 3, 2011

Dear Tony,

I am writing this letter to say thank you for all that you did for my husband and I in building our home. Your kindness went way beyond what a mere thank you can cover. From finding us an apartment (at no charge to us) in addition to other things and for your patience with all our unexpected changes.

Your secretaries Monica and Lynn (hoping I'm not forgetting anyone) were exceptionally charming and prompt, we never had to wait for an answer. It was such a delight to call and not have to listen to an automated machine and they knew exactly how to get in touch with you and readily answered put questions. Secretaries like that are hard to come by.

A special thanks to your crew especially Craig and of course the sub-contractors. Putting up with us on a daily basis must have been challenging!

You will never know how much your professionalism and kindness of you and your crew meant to my husband and myself. Thank you again for making this transition so much easier than it otherwise would have been.

We are so pleased in the way everything turned out, the house you built for us is great and we would recommend you to anyone. Please feel free to show our home to whomever you wish.

Have a great summer!
Monique & Niles Gray

January 30, 2010

Dear Tony,

Five years ago you built for my wife and me a very nice basic house which we designed. All in all, we found the whole project ran very smoothly and we did not run into any major gliches. When we finally got moved in and settled we were and still are extremely pleases with the home built by Tanguay Homes.

On Tuesday, Jan 26th, I called you and told you that a shingle or 2 had been blown off my roof in the heavy windstorm of the previous day. You told me you'd have a man out here in a day or two to fix it. Fine. Forty five minutes after our phone conversation, I hear some walking on my roof. I go outside and discover one of your workmen who has come to assess the problem. He sizes it up, goes to Poulin's for shingles and then returns to the house and does an A+1 job of repairing the roof. Superb service like this is extremely rare in this day and age; it is almost extinct.

Thank you, thank you, thank you for such prompt, efficient and expert service.

Tanguay Homes has always been well regarded in this house, and it will now be very highly regarded. Many of our friends and acquaintances will hear this story.

Again, Thank you very, very much.
Bob & Debbie Vacca

December 18, 2004

Dear Tanguay Homes,

We are now very comfortably situated in our new home which you built for us. We love this house.

Working with you and your various employees and sub-contractors has really been an enjoyable experience. Many times, we have heard of home building nightmares, but this was not the case.

A very special thank you to Lori, Lynn and Debbie. You were great as you were the ones who answered or got answers - always in a timely fashion, to all of our many questions. You were always super friendly and courteous and a real pleasure to deal with, Tony should give you all a raise. Another special thank you to Shane, Scott LaLime and Tom Scherer. They took care off all our concerns and needs and were also extremely courteous and helpful to work with.

Again, thank you for all of your efforts; they were sincerely appreciated. Tanguay Homes is tops in our book, and we shall happily recommend your services to those who are looking for an A-1 building company.

Merry Christmas,
Bob & Debbie Vacca

September 11, 2002

Dear Tony,

This is a note to tell you of our appreciation of you, your construction talents and your integrity in business. We have been in our home 3 years now. It occurred to me that it was your efforts and talents that our dreams came true. It is with immense gratitude to be living in Vermont. We know we are contributing to our adopted community and have the blessing of helping a lot of people regain their health.

I just wanted you to know that we are truly happy with the way you built our house and that ti has not diminished that feeling but in fact has enhanced it.

We surely hope you and your family are happy and healthy. We heard about your broken leg. Hope you've healed.

WE also love reading your newsletter and have put in in our office for others to see.

Take care of yourself Tony.

Elizabeth Beatty & Sherwood Beatty
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