SIPs are Resource Efficient

Structural Insulated Panels are Efficient

SIPs are Resource Efficient

SIP panels are extremely resource efficient and as such support the green home building industry. For starters, there is little doubt that there is much less wood required to construct a SIP shell than in a conventional stick-frame. The table shown below depicts the typical amount of wood used in a stud framed wall compared to a SIP wall.

The OSB that is used as the facings in a SIP panel comes from younger growing farm trees, which are generally regarded as a renewable and sustainable resource. These trees such as aspen and spruce are harvested from fast growing crop forests and thus no old-growth timber is used.
Wood savings are not the only advantage when building with SIP panels. SIP homes offer greater thermal performance than their conventional stick framed counterparts. Since SIPs are highly energy efficient , it requires less polluting fossil fuels to heat and cool a SIP home.

Finally, many SIP homes generate less on the site construction waste. This not only saves the consumer money from rising and expensive trash removal and management fees, but it reduces pollutants in environment, an extremely environmentally friendly idea.

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