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Sell Your Home in VT

Do you own a problem house?
Is it in need of repair?
Does it sit vacant?
Do you have a house that is unwanted?
Are you behind on your payments?
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Selling your home in Vermont
We Buy in 'as-is' Condition

Forget time, money, consuming repairs, and cleaning. 
We will buy your house in 'as-is' condition, freeing you from the burden of rehab and resale. 
Appearance, foundation and other structural problems are no deterrent for us; we see the potential in every home, no matter how much of a challenge.
Cash Buyers

Tanguay Buys Homes can pay you all cash for your property, without contingencies. 
Many investors do not have the ability to pay cash for your house. 
We do.

If you need to sell your home fast, Tanguay can help!
Fast & Hassle-Free

You can have the cash for your home in hand within 72 hours, while Tanguay handles all the details, including title work and closing arrangements. 
We believe in keeping our offers hassle-free for all parties involved, and since Tanguay does not need to qualify for a loan to purchase your house, our money is always ready to work for you.
We are as serious about buying your house as you are about selling it.
No Commissions & No Hidden Fees

Since Tanguay is a builder rather than a realtor, you will not pay the typical 6-7% real estate commission when we purchase your home. That alone can save you! 
There are NO hidden fees or surprises when you choose work with us.
Everything is up front, honest, and direct.
Behind on Payments or Facing Foreclosure

Tanguay Buys Homes can help you out of almost any situation - including the most complicated foreclosure situation.
No Equity is OK

Tanguay Buys Homes even has solutions for folks who have no equity in their house.
We are Real Estate Professionals

After being in the business for decades, Tanguay has a solution for all types of real estate issues. We are not limited in the solutions we bring you, unlike many other companies. We are 100% direct, open and honest with our clients from start to finish.

We are professionals who respect your privacy, and will work to solve your housing issues with the utmost discretion and responsibility .
-Do nothing, risking that the problems will get worse, and there will be fewer solutions available.

-Call Tanguay Buys Homes NOW at (802) 334-6665 to discuss solutions. Remember, there is no fee to work with us, and you are under no obligation.

If you need to sell your house fast because of a death in the family, or because of a job transfer and need to relocate or a divorce, or if you are retiring and need to downsize or even if you are facing foreclosure, Tanguay Homes Buys Homes! 

We can help you by purchasing your home even if you are going through bankruptcy or if you inherited a house or property and need to sell it fast. Contact Tanguay Buys Homes Today!
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